Thursday, 7 April 2016

Raj e gyan learning

Raj —eGyan Portal

raj egyan portal
The Government of Rajasthan has launched the Educational portal Raj —eGyan to improve the learning level in schools and to ensure students accession to subject content of each class level, thus making the consent of DIGITAL INDIA, meaning full.Schools level content in the form of E- Content, like text, power point, animation, video, audio, E-book etc. are being provided to students, mentors, educationists and guardians. Raj —eGyan Portal is designed in two languages i.e., Hindi and English. 

Sab Padhen, Sab Badhen 
The main motto of this attempt is to ensure the universal availability of subject content for maintaining each boy and each girl's accession to school with interest and without any obstacle in the light of RTE Act — 2009. Our commitment of achieving this goal will be improved by the attempt of providing every educational content over a single click at anytime and anywhere to the students, teachers and guardians, living for away. This can be a solution to the challenges of limited resources and adverse circumstances of Rajasthan, i.e.
"Sob Padhen, Sob Badhen"

E- Resource 

At Raj —eGyan portal students, educators, educationists and guardians can use the subject content in the form of E- book, video, audio, workbook etc. and school and teachers can also upload the content provided by themselves. 

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