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2000 And 500 Rupees New Note Features In Hindi

2000 And 500 Rupees New Note Features In Hindi

2000 And 500 Rupees New Note Features In Hindi

New Magenta colored 2,000 notes will be in the size of 66mm x 166mm
New Mahatma Gandhi 2,000 denomination series will have the signature of Governor Urjit Patel with the year of printing ‘2016’ printed
Portrait of the Mahatma Gandhi on the front side of the note and image of Mangalyaan printed on the backside
For visually impaired there few additional features added like Seven angular bleed lines printed on the sides of the note, Intaglio printing of Mahatma Gandhi portrait and identity rectangle with Rs.2,000 in raised print on right side of the note.

Front side features of new 2,000 note

1. See through register where the numeral denomination 2000 can be seen when this new note is held against any light.
2. Underlying image of numeral 2000 can be seen when this note is held at 45 degree angle
3. 2000 denomination in Devnagari language २०००
4. Micro letters of ‘RBI’ and ‘2000’ on the left side of the note
5. Mahatma Gandhi Portrait at the centre of the note
6. Windowed security thread with colour shift. Thread color changes from green to blue when the note is tilted
7. Far right, Ashoka Pillar emblem at the bottom and Mahatma Gandhi portrait and 2000 denomination as watermarked
8. Seven angular bleed lines on right and left side in raised print

Back side features of new 2,000 note

1. Swachh Bharat logo with slogan on the left side
2. Motif of Mars Mangalyaan orbit on the centre

2000 Rupees Ki New Note Ke Top 20 Features In Hindi

#Features 1.

2000 rupees ka new note ka colour magenta (Dark Pink) hain. Isme Mahatma Gandhi ke new series wali photo use ki gyi hai.

#Features 2.

New note me kisi bhi tarah ka koi extra word ya letter likha hua nahi hoga bas new governor urjit patel ke signature kiye honge.

#Features 3.

Note ke back side me iska printing year 2016 print kiya hua hai, and sath hi mangalyaan ki photo lagi huyi hain. Note ke front and back side me devanagari me 2000 likha hua hai.

#Features 4.

Note ke front side me through registered me 2000 rupees likha hua hoga and identification mark ke upar show hone wali picture fool (Flower) ki hogi jo through registered ke name se jani jati hain. and fool ki jagah iski price likhi huyi hogi jo light me bright hogi.

#Features 5.

Left side me small letter me RBI and two thousand likha hua hoga.

#Features 6.

Security thread me INDIA and RBI and 2000 likha hoga, note ko fold karne par iska colour thread green se blue me change ho jayega.

#Features 7.

Note right side me guarantee close, promise close and governor ke sign honge, isi side RBI ka sign bhi hoga.

#Features 8.

Niche ki taraf symbol ke sath 2000 likha hoga and colour change ink me likha hoga jo green se blue me change hogi.

#Features 9.

Jise eye this se kaam nahi karti ya night me note ko pahchane ke liye left side me upar se niche ki taraf number panel hoga. And pannel me number small se big hote jaayenge. sath hi Gandhi ji ki portrait and Ashok stambh and bleed line and identity mark hoga.

#Features 10.

Right side me rectangle sign ubhra hua hoga jispar 2000 likha hua hoga and left and right dono side 7 angular bleed line show hogi.

#Features 11.

Note ke back side me left me swatch bharat abhiyan and right side me mangalyaan ki picture lagi huyi hogi jisse iske real hone ka proof mil jaayega.

#Features 12.

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